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Furnishing accessories of any type for a beautiful, elegant and functional bathroom

The bathroom is the most intimate environment in a home. it is generally the first room we enter as soon as we wake up and the last one we see before going to sleep. In addition to its functionality, the bathroom has become, over time, the place for well-being and relaxation, a sort of refuge in which we dedicate only to ourselves, freeing ourselves from daily worries, noises and anxieties. it is therefore an environment that cannot and must not be overlooked, but furnished with extreme care to ensure ideal comfort in all its aspects. mirella tanzi®manufactures only the best bathroom accessories and accessories for its customers. The brand is completely Italian and each product is designed to enhance the atmosphere. The company’s activity is aimed at fully satisfying the customer: one of the company’s strengths is therefore the guarantee of product quality, supported by the use of certified raw materials.
The objects created will satisfy the most varied customer preferences and needs, which adapt to any type of environment, from modern to classic ones. If requested, mirella tanzi® is also able to create bespoke pieces. The entire production process of bathroom accessories takes place in Italy, in the Sant’Omero plant in the province of Teramo. In the creation of furnishing accessories, the company relies only on the best craftsmen and ensures the customer the excellence of the product, validated by an accurate control and careful verification of the assembly; it also guarantees speed of delivery and the continuity of availability of the models in the catalog.
mirella tanzi® avails itself of a fully specialized staff that boasts, in addition to the care taken in its creations, great professionalism in assisting in every phase of bathroom furnishings; main driver is the perfect combination of product beauty and practicality. On the catalog you can find many product lines that include in addition to accessories, also floor lamps, mirrors, lamps, and a wide variety of useful objects to make your bathroom a unique and welcoming place. Each complement is made by careful research not only stylistic, but also chemical, in order to guarantee the best characteristics and aesthetics and durability of the materials. In this regard, the absolute protagonist is typically Brass, characterized by high corrosion resistance. It is joined by classic and innovative materials such as Stainless Steel, Corian, passing through Glass, Ceramic and Resins, raw materials with incredible versatility.