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All the solutions that we create by hand, purely in Italian style, based on the concepts of functionality, refinement of design and high quality standards aim at optimizing the usability of the bathroom as a wellness room.

Линия слева от текста

Furnishing accessories of any type for a beautiful, elegant and functional bathroom

For over 20 years mirella tanzi® has been offering the best furnishing solutions for the bathroom through the creation of necessary and functional products, characterized by high quality, originality and elegance. Conforming to the needs dictated by today’s lifestyles, the company offers a wide range of accessories with a refined design, able to satisfy the customer’s preferences through forms ranging from classic to contemporary. Technological innovation and the constant search for quality in the materials, which are uniquely certified, are flanked by craftsmanship and craftsmanship in order to guarantee the best characteristics of durability. The production versatility translates into the possibility of carrying out tailor-made processes, from the creation of commissioned solutions ad hoc to the personalization of the furnishing elements through dimensional and / or finishing adjustments. mirella tanzi® is an entrepreneurial reality that identifies itself 100% in the Made in Italy philosophy and takes care of its safeguard: therefore it boasts totally Italian products and processes.
Bathroom accesories Mirella Tanzi


Ceramic dispenser holder

L90 H196 W75

Toilet floor lamp

L240 H680 W140