Selling conditions

They are tacitly approved by the MT International Group, except for adjustments to be made that will be sent to the order

The delivery of our items will be made under the following conditions:

free port for orders over € 350 
free port with fixed charge on the invoice of € 6 for orders less than € 350
free port with invoice charge of € 8 for amounts less than 300
free port with invoice charge of € 12 for an amount lower than 250

The cardboard packaging is free. Other packaging specified at cost. Conditions valid for the national territory only.

Orders for items with chrome finishes will be processed in 15 days. working.
Orders for items with all other finishes will be processed in 25 days. working.
The terms of delivery are not binding, therefore any delays do not authorize the cancellation of the order or any other recourse.

MT International Group reserves the right to make technical or list changes or to cease production of certain series at any time and without giving prior notice. In no case will we be required to reimburse.

The goods travel at the risk of the customer, even if sold carriage paid, who is required to check the incoming goods and to contest any damages and communicate it within and no later than 3 days. from receipt of the same.

No items can be returned without explicit house approval. Returns must be made ex our factory. No product can be returned to our representatives without the authorization of MT International Group.

The illustrations and decorations of our articles are for the sole purpose of representing them and do not imply an obligation of faithful execution, the shades of color may vary slightly and therefore no complaints are accepted.

Avoid the use of anti-limescale substances, solvents, detergents, acids, sand, rough abrasive sponges.
Soapy water is preferable and polish with a dry cloth.
Satin crystal surfaces: lukewarm soap and water or a specific product for crystals is sufficient.

The company normally does not consider orders other than those listed in the price list.
The company reserves the right to evaluate the feasibility and consistency of special orders from time to time at price and delivery conditions that will be established for each order.

Payment terms must be strictly observed. Failing this, interest commensurate with the official discount rate plus 5 points will run. Upon failure to pay, within the established terms, all deliveries will be immediately suspended without notice. The relative orders will be considered canceled due to the fault of the purchasing company. Without prejudice to compensation for damages.

The company declines all responsibility for accidents to things and people that could occur due to or due to our articles. Always check packages on delivery and report any discrepancies, in writing, before signing the delivery note. Failing this, the right to any indemnity lapses.